• University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts, Magna cum laude
  • Queens College of the City University of New York, Master of Fine Arts




His early professional career in New York City included operating a Bronze Foundry as well as working on Architectural Restoration projects in Central Park.
Throughout the past twenty years, David has offered his sculpture and clay drawings at top-tier juried fine art festivals and craft shows.
He has completed commissioned pieces for both residential and commercial settings in the United States and internationally, as well as for purchase by town governments.

David has been a recipient of numerous awards and recognition in sculpture over the course of his professional career, including most recently:


  • Art on the Square, Belleville, IL
  • Laumeier Sculpture Park Art Fair, St. Louis, MO
  • Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original
  • Fine Craft Shows at Chatauqua
  • Beaux Arts Festival of Art, Miami
  • Gasparilla Festival of the Arts
  • Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival
  • Bonita Springs National
  • St. Louis Art Fair
  • Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs
  • The Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT
  • Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival, Judge


My pieces unite Baroque movement, abstract expressionist gesture and Asian decorative spirit with a commitment to my own gentle whimsical voice. Whether the work is my figurative sculpture or my drawings in clay, I create pieces that are sometimes serene, sometimes playful, but always captivating and inviting with their gestures and expressions. With a calligraphic stroke or the folds of ribbons of clay, I capture my figures in ordinary tasks or movements that take on extraordinary depth of contemplation or of joy.

All sculptures are modeled in clay and/or cast in acrylic and plaster as a response to collectors’ wishes to showcase my work outdoors as well as indoors. Finally, each piece is colored with iron oxides and applied pigments. All aspects of this creative and productive process are completed by me personally.

I am delighted that my work brings joy to my residential and commercial collectors in the United States and internationally.


David welcomes your serious inquiries and the opportunity to collaborate with you on creating unique pieces that enhance the beauty of your home or landscape. It is an unparalleled experience of which you are an intimate part.

With this understanding in mind, David encourages clients to engage during the commission process, especially at critical junctures. Nevertheless, David reserves the right to make decisions independent of the clients, especially when it affects the integrity of the artwork. The end result, David believes, is a satisfying sculpture that unites his artistic interpretations with the client’s own vision and contributions.